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I'm glad I didn't know
the way it all would end,
the way it all would go.
Our lives are better left to chance.
I could've missed the pain
but I'd have had to miss
The Dance.

The Dance (Garth Brooks)



Onine and Peanut, who would have ever known that I would lose you both in a 10 day period.  I am so overwhelmed.  I loved you both more than you knew.  I never took one moment with either of you for granted.  Promise me that you are at the bridge and you are dancing.  Tonight, everyone here senses that you are gone, especially me.  I will never forget you.  Thank you for gracing my life.  You gave me a love that most people will never know.  I will hold that forever my friends.  With every tear I shed tonight, I hope that it is a raindrop on your little faces as you dance forever free of pain.  Please don't forget me and know your little footprints are forever embedded in my heart.  I truly love you, forever.


Pumpkin, they gave you 6 months, you gave me 3 years.  I am so glad I held you everyday and spoon fed you because I know I kissed you everyday I had you.  You were every sick ferrets friend and my little trooper.  You slept anywhere and I thought you were still sleeping this morning until I touched you.  I am sorry I didn't say good bye.  Until we meet again my little friend, dance.  I love you.


If I could sit with God on his porch, I would thank him for lending you to me.  You were my soul mate Toby and there is such a giant hole in my heart.  The kids in the neighborhood still knock at the door looking for you.  I still look for you.  I miss you so very much.  I will never, ever forget you.  I love you.

 Joan and I had to take old Mr Bill in last night to be put to sleep. I
have not stopped sobbing yet. He was my little old Lion King. Bald and
skinny except for his head. He was the leader of his little Harem. He had a bilateral adrenalectomy with Dr Dutton a few years ago with Cryo and got insulinoma a year or so ago. He did not react well to Lupron when his symptoms started to re-occur and he blocked his urinary tract yesterday. He had so much personality and demanded his slice of "nan-a" every am! He would put his little paw on my foot and look up at me like "well, where is it? Lets go!" He was a stray from Centerville MSPCA several years ago and at that time I knew he was adrenal and he never was adopted but stayed with us till the end. I held him all the way to the vet in my arms and he laid his head on my shoulder as if to comfort me. I will miss him very much. One of his girls Luna got up this am and came into the kitchen as I stood at the sink and jumped up on my leg begging. So I gave her a slice of bannana and she ran off with it just as Bill would have done. I guess she knew......................

To all our little friends, who now jump and play beyond the rainbow bridge, thank you so much for touching our lives.

To Peaches,
you gave me a million miles of smiles and love.  I wish I knew the road was going to end so soon.  I would have.....  I will never, ever forget you, my little girl.  You had me to yourself for 5 years until I discoved the shelter.  You unselfishly shared your home and your mom with 13 other shelter ferrets.  Tonight we pay you respect, we sit with broken hearts, weep and hope you have met up with your friend Cream and we hope  "you dance forever".


To Cream, Casper, Slinky, Siobhan, Peaches, Houdini and Brittney, Max, my Toby and my little pumpkin, I close my eyes, smile and remember.  Your memories are what help this foster mother keep going.  I hope you all are dancing!